14 April 2017

Durán Textiles: new cotton prints in May

Durán Textiles are discontinuing their current line of screen-prints, to introduce a new line of block-prints. Here's what their site says:
New block prints in May
A small scale production of 10 block prints will be available from mid May. The fabric is a light weight 100% cotton quality, 120 cm width, in a varaity of floral designs. This quality is suitable for period dresses from late 18th century- to mid 19th century. The fabrics are also suitable for folk costume (bunad) aprons.
Several of their current fabrics are mid-18th century, but their new line focuses on later eras that are popular in mainstream historical costuming. I look forward to seeing their new fabrics!

A couple of months have passed, and the new prints still haven't made it to their website. I hope any issues will be sorted out soon, so we'll get to see their new products.

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