18 May 2017

Fabric samples book review

Quite some time ago, I mentioned a new book of mid-18th century fabric samples, intending to write a review of it. And now I've finally completed it.

This book is written in Swedish only; there is no parallel text in English like in "18th Century Textiles". This makes sense, as the samples are all from Swedish factories. Still, it includes a lot of samples from fabric types that may not be published elsewhere. E.g., many of the fabric names below are mentioned in "Textiles in America 1650–1870"—but without pictures.

09 May 2017

An échelle stomacher

1770s(?) stomacher at the Nordic Museum
This stomacher, dated to the 1770s (though it may be earlier—see discussion below), is in the collection of the Nordic Museum. I found it through the database of Swedish and Norwegian museum artefacts, DigitaltMuseum. The item text says (in translation):
a) Stomacher, triangular with the lower point rounded, out of two layers of white linen with 6 silk rep ribbons sewn on close together, striped in white, red, and pink, each with a bow in the center.
b) and c) Separate bows.
So, this échelle stomacher comes with two matching bows for attaching to the sleeves, making it a complete set as seen in many period portraits.